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Fun, Fitness, Stress Relief, Music, and making new Friends,
this is Kickboxing - Pointfighting
Wednesday and Friday

Beginners and advanced students practice together. There is a focus on beginners on Wednesdays and a focus on advanced students on Fridays.
yes, we speak english.....
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Every 1. Friday of the month: Kick & Drink!
Kickboxen Pointfighting - neulich im Training....
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Women -Men


This training is for beginners and advanced students of all age and fitness levels. Join at any time and bring to class: Sports clothes, towel, water.


(90 min Kickboxing)

6:15 pm - 7:45 pm

Training Hall (School) Stieler Strasse
Entrance: Stieler Strasse 6
(U6 Goetheplatz).

Wednesday (April to November)

6:15 pm - 7:45 pm

Training Hall (School) Stieler Strasse
Entrance: Stieler Strasse 6
(U6 Goetheplatz).

Wednesday (November to April)

(30 min. Self Defense, 90 min. Kickboxing)

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Training Hall (School) Perlacher Str. 114
U2 Station Giesinger Bhf or Untersbergstr.


TrainingKickboxen Pointfighting - gewinnen ist nicht alles....

This functional training focusses on developing kickboxing techniques, tactics, and with that students' speed, agility and strength.

Within a very short time, your fitness level will have improved and your body will have become more flexible. After class, you will feel taller, stronger, more powerful and you will have gained more self esteem.

Beginners will first learn basic techniques and exercises. With time, they will develop physically (a stronger more agile body) and mentally (understanding movements, combination and tactics). Advanced students will be assessed before they continue their skill development at their advanced level.

In all classes, beginners and avanced students will train together.

Self Defense

Self defense is part of this Kickboxing program. The aim is to teach effective techniques that every woman and man can apply regardless of their physical strength. Especailly students with less physical powers are often surprised about what tools and approaches are available to them to defend themselves against opponents much taller and stronger than them.

You can start class at any time!

„...I think I am addicted to it...“
(Comment of a female student)

Claudia, your instructor (2. Dan Kickboxing, WAKO)
and the kickboxer are looking forward to meeeting you!

Kickboxing-Pointfighting is part of BAKU e.V. and teaches according to the standards of WAKO.