Welcome to the page of the Munich Monks!!!

Complete beginners, national team players - all are welcome. We are already a mix of experience and inexperienced players.

Just how inclusive is Rugby? - Well, its the only sport where we NEED short, tall, fat, thin, strong and/or fast people. Theres a position for everyone! - so come and visit training and we'll help you find out which position you were born to play in!

Why have we set up a 'gay' team?
Gay Rugby teams already exist in Germany in Berlin (The Bruisers) and Cologne (The Crushers), and in other countries, they're growing like wildfire, (take a look at the IGR website if you don't believe me).

This isn't just sport practice, by joining an LGBT sports team you are supporting the LGBT community, providing a safe space for people to practice, exercise, learn and develop. You are also pissing into the face of homophobia, which is always great fun. It also provides a great place for LGBT persons to socialise outside of the 'typical' gay scene, with which some LGBT persons, particularly early on in life, struggle to identify with.

That having said - we are completely inclusive, welcoming and actively encouraging non-LGBT persons to come play with us to.Thats why we are very happy to have a players-community with TuS Fürstenfeldbruck!

The one thing we will NEVER do, is discriminate against people because of who they sleep with, their language, ethnic or national origin etc etc. - We aim to provide a place for respect, and you'll soon learn that your rugby teammates quickly become more like rugby brothers.

What does Rugby mean?

Rugby means: TEAM - Bro's before Ho's and all that Lad shite!
Rugby means: placing trust in your team
Rugby means: supporting others & receiving support
Rugby means: being fair with one another
Rugby means: the team acting as one pack, to achieve one goal!

still got questions? still not convinced then join us at training (or in the pub):

Tuesdays 18:00 :@ Anton-Fingerle-Zentrum (Station: Giesinger Bahnhof). Turf. Outdoor. Due COVID19 NO Locker-rooms available!

Saturday 10:00  :@ Anton-Fingerle-Zentrum (Station: Giesinger Bahnhof). Turf. Outdoor. Due COVID19 NO Locker-rooms available!



We hope to see you soon!

Munich Monks

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