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Training 2024
7 – 10 pm
7 – 10 pm
6 – 8 pm
Hall | district sports facility | Görzer Straße 53

0176 455 094 35 | Christian
0176 631 121 62 | Arne

Heads of division:
Christian – Head of division
Arne – Deputy head of division
Putut – Groundsperson
Mai – Deputy groundsperson
Zia, Sybille and Janet


What do I have to know before I attend my first training session?

If you would like to come to a trial training session or receive further information, please contact us in advance by e-mail or phone.

What usually happens at a training session?

We have seven fields available to us. On Mondays, we usually have a guided training session for team and non-team players on some of the pitches every other week.

Do we play in a league?

In the 23/24 season, we are represented by several teams in the leagues of the Bayerische Badminton-Verband BBV.

Our first team plays in the Bezirksoberliga.

Our second team plays in the Bezirksklasse-A Süd.

Our hobby team plays in the Hobbyliga München Mitte/Ost.

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