Training 2024

8.30 – 10 pm

7 – 9 pm

Sports hall primary school | Stielerstraße 6
(Directions to the sports hall in this video)
Nearest underground station: Poccistraße (U3/U6)

0176 / 616 625 41 | Nicolai


Who are we?

Blow after blow!

In the boxing department of Team Munich, we really get down to business.

Don’t worry, we’re neither cheap nor wild thugs. We’re a fun, colourful group that meets twice a week to train fitness, strength and technique together. We practise boxing techniques on the equipment and in light sparring. If you’re looking for full contact boxing, you’re not in the right place – respect and fun take centre stage for us.

Take a look at this video to get a first impression of us!

Boxing for everybody?

Yes! Provided you know how to use your brain. Boxing is a “mental sport” and only works if you are mentally and physically fit. You can start with us at any time, as all our training sessions start with the basic techniques for learning boxing.

If you are interested, then drop by for a trial training session.

What do I have to pack for training?

All you need are indoor shoes and sportswear. We have boxing gloves to borrow to get you started. So nobody has to come fully equipped to the trial training session.

First Impressions