Training winter half year
Wednesdays | November – March
7 – 8.30 pm
Hall | Perlacher Straße 114 (Giesing)

Training summer half year
Wednesdays | April November
6.15 – 7.45 pm
Hall | Stielerstraße 6 (near Goetheplatz)

Contact & registration trial lesson | Claudia (2nd Dan Kickboxing)


What is kickboxing?

Fun, fitness, stress relief, music, making friends – that’s kickboxing-pointfighting for beginners and advanced fighters.

Want to become a pro? Here you can find the exam programme for adults of the Bundesfachverbands für Kickboxen e.V.

What can you expect during a training session?

The Kickboxing-Pointfighting division of Team München is a member of the BAKU e.V. and teaches the WAKO standards. The classes are taught by a licensed coach (Claudia), 2nd Dan Kickboxing.

Introductory courses or trial lessons?

Register for a trial lesson or introductory course via (the first 2 hours of a “trial training” are also available without membership).

First Impressions