Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment at Team München?

No, we don’t have that in the club! Does it not exist? Even if we very much hope so – according to a Europe-wide study, a majority of athletes have reported having been victims of sexual harassment or assault.

The Executive Board of Team München does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or assault!

If you do not want to talk to the board about problems, contact professional counsellors (anonymously if you wish) in the event of harassment or assault. The counsellors from Sub, LesCommunity e.V./LeTRa and TIB are informed about our project.

Your professional contact options:

Sub | Gay Communication and Cultural Centre
089 / 856 34 64 24

LesCommunity e. V. | Interaction.Counselling.Empowerment.
089 / 72 54 272

Trans*Inter*Beratungsstelle | A project of the Munich Aids Help Service
089 / 54 333 130

You can also use the online reporting form of the anti-violence project Strong! Contact form for LGBTIQ*-hostile cases of violence and discrimination in Bavaria

Sexual assaults cannot happen here at Team München!