Step Aerobics


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Training 2024

8 – 9.30 pm

Hall 3 | entrance to the premises: Luisenstraße 29
(go past/between gym 1 and 2, then turn right to get to gym 3)

Nearest underground station: Königsplatz



What is step aerobics?

A variation of classic aerobics in which the basic steps of aerobics are performed on a height-adjustable platform (=step). During the lesson, a wide variety of steps are performed on and off the step, whereby different arm movements can be used at the same time. Dynamic whole-body training to improve fitness and coordination. Essential fitness components such as strength, flexibility and coordination are combined with music in a logically structured training programme. The level of the class determines the difficulty of the training programme.

What can I expect on Wednesdays?

Step Aerobics Training

takes place once a week and lasts 90 minutes.

Would you like to improve your stamina and your sense of rhythm at the same time? Do you know the basics of step aerobics and are a real choreography fan?

During the training sessions, experienced trainers will teach you the classic steps on and around the step board, which are then combined into intermediate to advanced choreographies.

This intensive, yet joint-friendly cardiovascular workout helps you burn fat, improve both your fitness and your coordination and releases you into your day-to-day life reenergized.

Please bring comfortable training clothing, suitable shoes (no street shoes), a towel and something to drink (water) in an unbreakable bottle.

Step boards and floor mats are provided.

If you are interested, there is also the opportunity to train for a small performance at the Munich CSD. Dates will be announced on our website.

Upcoming Events

DatesCoachesExtra Info
31.07.2024Ronny, training in the Stielerstraße 6 sports hall
07.08.2024Ronny, training in the Stielerstraße 6 sports hall
14.08.2024Ronny, training in the Stielerstraße 6 sports hall
21.08.2024no training !!! summer holidays
28.08.2024no training !!! summer holidays
04.09.2024no training !!! summer holidays
11.09.2024Ronny, Wallstraße sports hall – Sendlinger Tor
18.09.2024Ronny, Wallstraße sports hall – Sendlinger Tor
25.09.2024Ronny, Wallstraße sports hall – Sendlinger Tor

Special Events

DatesPossibly different timesCoachesDifferent address
Stielerstraße 6 (U-Bahn Poccistraße), Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum.
Enter through the metal gate into the courtyard and go straight ahead to the sports hall.

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