Club History

Over the years, individual smaller gay and lesbian clubs as well as groups for individual sports were formed in Munich: Bavaria Rosé (volleyball), the FrontRunners (running), the Isarhechte (swimming), football, the Racketclub (tennis/squash/badminton), the Amazons (women’s club) and others. In 1998, the teams from Munich travelled together to the Gay Games in Amsterdam for the first time. Back in Munich, the idea was born that they would be stronger together as Team München. One year later, in July 1999, Team München was founded as a registered, non-profit organisation.

Since then, there has been a steady increase in queer sport in the Bavarian capital: today, more than 1000 athletes are organised in 9 LGBTIQ+ clubs. This dynamic made it possible for the largest EuroGames in history to take place in Munich in the summer of 2004, with over 5000 athletes, thousands of visitors and spectators coming together around the Olympic grounds.

The 20th anniversary celebration of Team München on the 20th of July 2019 impressively demonstrated our success story: the range of sports on offer and the number of members have more than tripled since the beginning and the team remains the driving force behind new leisure and sports activities in Munich. Even today, the LGBTIQ+ community makes us strong, even today it makes sense that there is a strong, large queer sports club like Team München, which has already achieved a lot, but still wants to achieve a lot more in the future!