Training 2016
(April – September)

Mondays 6.30 pm | Supervised rowing session
Sundays 6.30 pm | Unsupervised rowing session

Oberschleißheim regatta course

For more information on regularly scheduled trial courses and additional beginner classes, please contact us.



Who are we?

“row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…” – Rowing at Team München

Since mid-2015, Team München has had its own rowing group at the rowing club Rudergesellschaft München von 1972 e.V. ( – with the Oberschleißheim regatta course as its home port. Whether you are an experienced rower, returning rower or newcomer, everyone is welcome at Team München and the RGM.

For an overview of the general possibilities regarding training and further education, please visit the RGM website.

What is so fascinating about rowing?

It’s simple: rowing is

  • a strength and endurance sport for body and mind
  • a team sport with real team spirit
  • an outdoor sport with nature experiences
  • a health sport with a lot of harmony
  • just a cool sport that is simply fun.

What else do I need to know before I can participate?

Please note that you should already have basic rowing skills to take part in the rowing sessions (e.g. you have completed a beginners rowing course at the RGM or gained rowing experience in other rowing clubs).

A requirement for rowing with us on a permanent basis is a regular membership with the RGM, a membership with Team München is beneficial.

Where to meet on the day we row?

During the summer months, we meet in front of Hall 23 of the RGM at the regatta course in Oberschleißheim, fully dressed and ready to row.

What can you expect on the actual day?

As rowing is more fun in a team, we – the Team München group – align our training times with the hobby rowing dates of the RGM. This means that every person (alone, as a small group or as a team) always finds a place in a boat.

First Impressions