Training 2024
8 – 10 pm
Sports hall | Kirchenstraße 13b
The building is located behind the school with the house number 11.
Next stop public transport: Max-Weber Platz

Training is cancelled during school holidays! (exception during summer)

0151 / 151 574 58 | André (head of division)


What is basketball?

Basketball is a team sport that is characterised above all by speed and skill. Success comes to the player who always has an overview of the court and can therefore decide which player is best situated to pass the ball to and where to go next.

Want to know more about us?

The Korbschlampen basketball team has been training for 20 years focusing on the fun of the game – even a “schlampig/sloppily” thrown basket counts! Accordingly, we are a colourful team – from talented to promising, from gay to straight, from younger to older and from male to female, anything goes. Fair play and respectful cooperation are a given for us. New players who enjoy basketball and have a basic understanding of the rules are always welcome.

Our greatest successes?

In Europe, several LGBT basketball teams have established themselves, with whom we regularly meet at tournaments and compete with – and of course celebrate, regardless of whether we emerge from the tournament as winners or losers! We have fun in any case!

  • Gold Medal | Berlin 2010
  • Silber Medal | Berlin 2011
  • Bronze Medal | Berlin 2008
  • Bronze Medal | EuroGames Budapest 2012

Special features of our training facilities?

Hall location switch from summer 2023: Kirchenstraße 13b
The building is located behind the school at number 11. Access to the schoolyard is either through the large entrance between the two school buildings (numbers 11 and 13a) or the small entrance next to the school at number 11.

During the summer holidays we switch to other training facilities.

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