Training 2024 Winter (November – March)

Thursdays | 8.30 – 10 pm
Dante Gymnasium Halle | Wackersberger Straße 61

Saturdays | 11 am – 13 pm
Innsbrucker Ring Park | Echardinger Straße



Who are we?

The Munich Monks are the rugby squad of Team München and were founded in 2016. The approximately 70 players (2023) consist of men* and women* from all over the world, mixed from rugby beginners and experienced players. We stand for gay inclusivity and offer a safe space for all genders and sexual orientations.

The Munich Monks currently play in the Bayerische Verbandsliga and take part in various national and international tournaments every year.

Our last major success was first place in the Challenger Cup at the IGR Union Cup 2023 in Birmingham.

However, participation in league sport is not mandatory to join us. You are always welcome to gain your first rugby tournament experience by playing in friendly matches against other IGR clubs (e.g. Vienna, Cologne, Berlin).

The Munich Monks see themselves as more than just a rugby team. Off the pitch, we organise many private and public social events throughout the year (e.g. Christopher Street Day/Pride and St. Patrick’s Day), as well as birthdays and Christmas parties, a joint visit to the Oktoberfest or meeting up in a Munich bar to watch rugby matches together.

Why did we decide to found such a team?

There are gay and gay-friendly rugby teams in Berlin (Berlin Bruisers), Cologne (Cologne Crushers) and other countries.

Such teams not only serve the purpose of playing the sport, but also serve to strengthen the Queer Community and provide a contact point for young LGBTIQ+ people who are afraid or shy to come out openly in team sports.

Of course, it is also a great opportunity to meet new people outside of the “scene”.

Who can join our team?

All women*, men*, non-binary and transgender people who enjoy sport and rugby. But above all, to all people who don’t care who has which identity and don’t care who is cheering on the team as a partner or friend on the sidelines. Whether you are part of the LGBTIQ+ Community or an allie of the LGBTIQ+, you are always welcome to join us.

The sport of rugby includes different positions for all different physical statures. Whether strong forwards or nimble backs, everyone will find a place in the rugby team, because RUGBY COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!

We currently have members aged 18–50+.

As we have members from all over the world, our training sessions are held in German and English.

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