Training 2023 | Fitness for triathlon (weather permitting)
Regularly on the 1st Monday of the month on the Stemmerwiese

Training 2023 | Fitness for triathlon (in case of bad weather)
Regularly on the 1st Monday of the month in the hall | Perlacher Straße

Training 2023 | swimming/cycling/running
We coordinate time and place together
Swimming (weather permitting): lake
Swimming (in case of bad weather): usually Olympiabad

0151 / 212 744 00 | Sidney (1st Head of division)
Wenzel (2nd Head of division) | Sidney/Norbert/Tim


What is triathlon?

Triathlon is the perfect and equally challenging programme for endurance athletes. Swimming, cycling, running – it challenges the whole body and focusses the mind and spirit on a goal. Willpower and stamina are what make a triathlete “complete”.

Triathlon is an endurance sport with different distances (sprint, Olympic, medium and long), consisting of a multi-discipline competition of swimming, cycling and running, which must be completed one after the other and exactly in this order with uninterrupted timekeeping.

Disciplines and distances?

Sprint500 m18 km5 km
Olympic1,5 km40 km10 km
Medium1,9 km80 km22 km
Long3,9 km180 km42 km

Who can train with us?

If you enjoy swimming, cycling and running and would like to try them out in combination, then you’ve come to the right place and are very welcome. You don’t have to be an Iron Man/Iron Woman/Iron Person to be part of our team. But if you want to achieve this goal… of course we wouldn’t mind!

What can you expect?

We are a team that not only strives to “be fit” and be in good shape, but also to exchange ideas, motivate each other and “push” each other during training and competitions. We train together in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Experienced triathletes and beginners sweat together, side by side, to achieve their personal goals in various events.

Is it possible to do a relay?

Would you like to take part in a triathlon, but you can’t do it alone? No problem, because you can also complete a triathlon as part of a relay team. The relay team consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. Depending on the event, the same person may complete a maximum of 2 disciplines. Curious? Would you like to try it out or find out more? Then simply get in touch with our info team (Sidney, Norbert and Tim) – Join in! Sweat with us!

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