Flag Football


Training 2024
6.30 – 8 pm
Grass pitch | entrance to the premises: Infanteriestraße 27

Nearest tram station: Infanteriestraße



What is flag football?

Flag football is the non-contact version of American football. The aim of the game is to score touchdowns by alternating attacking rights. Usually in the offence, there is one person who throws the ball (quarterback), the remaining four receivers run predetermined short, medium or long routes and try to catch the ball. The defence on the other hand tries to prevent the offence from making a successful play. This is done, for example, by pulling the flags of the person carrying the ball.

What do I need to have with me on training day?

  • Trainers ( gym shoes | cleats)
  • Sportswear
  • Drinking bottle

Who can play flag football?

Everybody – We are a mixed team!

There is a right position for every single person in flag football!

What can you expect in our training sessions?

On training days we familiarise ourselves with the specifics of the game and learn about flag football in general together step by step.

Among other things, we work on our ball catching skills, repeat routes, rehearse game plays, put on sprints, work on game strategies, train our throwing arm and practise pulling flags.

You can join us in practice at any time!

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