LGBTQ+ Euro Handball Championship 2024


Wednesday 14.08.2024: Registration and Meet & Greet 19:00 – 22:00

Thursday 15.08.2024:

1st day of the tournament – group stage

Friday 16.08.2024:

2nd day of the tournament – final stage

Handball Closing Party

from 22:00 in Villa Flora
Closed party for players, volunteers, referees & guests

Saturday 17.08.2024:


(More detailed information will follow)
The Hans-Sachs-Straßenfest is a gay street festival in Munich and has developed into one of Munich’s biggest summer parties.


Registration is possible from 15.02.2024 until 15.05.2024. You can find more information on the registration page.

Contact persons David and Espen

Pictures are available below, using for posts on your social media

Q&A – Registration

Q: “How can I pay the registration fee?”

A: PayPal and bank transfer

More details: The payment system of our club’s webpage is built up like that. It is not possible to pay with credit card.

Payment instructions:

  • Click on Register here
  • Add ticket to cart
  • Add your details and click Next
  • Add your email address and click Next
  • You now receive an email where you need to confirm your email address with the link
  • Choose payment and confirm
  • Then you will receive an email with the payment details in a PDF
  • Pay
  • Your ticket will be received after registration is closed

Q: “Who needs to register and pay?”

A: All players and coaches who are participating in the tournament.

More details: The price includes everything that is relating to being able to have a hall and have playing time. A person who is joining as a guest/fan/friend/partner does not need a player participation ticket. They get entrance to the hall for free, and can buy the Friday Closing Party ticket seperately.

Referees and volunteers do not have to register and pay.

Q: “Is there a maximum amount of players in one team?”

A: No.

More details: We do not want to exclude anyone in a team where there for example are 15 players. We believe that a team with 20+ players will want to split into two teams. That is up to the teams themselves to decide.

Q: “Where do I find my ticket?”

A: The ticket will be sent to your email address after registration has closed.


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