About Us

More than just football

The football division of Team München e.V. is Germany’s first gay soccer team to play in the official league of the German Soccer Association (DFB) under the club name Team München.

In January 1994, some gay football enthusiasts had the idea of founding a team. And so they started training in February 1994. The initial group of 5-6 people grew over time to around 100 members.

In 1999, various independent gay and lesbian sports clubs came together to form Team München e.V., which the Streetboys joined in 2001. The team meets twice a week for training and plays in the official league in the C-Class. The team also endeavours to (successfully) take part in almost all national and international gay tournaments.

What we stand for

The Streetboys stands against homophobia, racism and discrimination in football and the world of sport!

Football stands for team spirit, togetherness and respect and yet it is precisely these values that are repeatedly violated on the pitch, in the stands, in the clubs and in the football associations. It is still considered almost unthinkable for professional footballers to come out and be openly gay.

“A gay ball flies just as well!” – a thought-provoking statement from the gay fan club Hertha Junxx (Hertha BSC). The football section of Team München (Streetboys) proves week after week in their league matches of the Bavarian Football Association that there is no difference in the “flight behaviour” of the balls. When the Streetboys are on the pitch, it’s all about “one thing” – playing football, combined with fun and, of course, 3 points. It doesn’t matter what nationality, skin colour or sexual orientation our opponents and teammates have.

We also proactively campaign against homophobia in football and racism in general off the pitch. We also support the Munich Aids charity, e.g. by organising charity tournaments.

Homosexuality in Football