History of Team München Handball

Updated: 22.03.20

The history of Team München Handball

One upon a time there was no handball team in Team München e.V. Can you imagine that? No, neither can we! :)

Here you can read the story of our amazing handball team - from beginning to present - and how we have gotten to where we now are today.

Back to handball 

The beginning 
Training 2005Copenhagen 2006Copenhagen 2006Frankfurt 2007

It all started back in 2004 when Munich was the host city of EuroGames. As there was no already existing handball team representing the host city, the organisers of EuroGames asked a few LGBT and a few straight players to participate as a one-time mixed Munich handball team. EuroGames was a success for the city of Munich but also for the club and the new handball group - we ended at second place and won the silver! And just a few months later, in the beginning of 2005, the handball group of Team München e.V was established.

The first year we had 2 girls and 4 boys, so it was a rather small group, but already by the next year we had gotten several more players and we went to an LGBT Handball tournament in Copenhagen, in 2006. This was the start of great friendships with the other European LBGTQ handball teams.

We continued training with the yearly LGBTQ summer tournament as the main goal and highlight. In 2007 it was Frankfurt`s turn to host the tournament and there we met several of the same teams from the year before.

Unfortunately, after 3 successful years it ended in 2008 with a longer break until 2010. 
The comeback
Paris 2014Stockholm 2015Stockholm 2015Stockholm 2015


In 2010 we made a comeback and started the team and training again - with some of the previous players in addition to several new ones. We continued training once a week in a small hall and participated in a few yearly tournaments. In 2014 we had a great trip to Paris and the TIP - Tournament International Paris. In 2015 we travelled to Stockholm and participated in EuroGames for the first time since our own games in 2004.

The new direction
Amsterdam 2016Amsterdam 2016Amsterdam 2016Biergarten 2016


Then, in 2016, after the amazing EURO LGBTQ tournament in Amsterdam, we started talking about the future and how to reach the goal of entering league within a few years. A plan was made over a few beers in the biergarten and the strategy was clear: Actively find more players through marketing and to get a normal sized hall, to properly be able to train handball.

We were very successful in growing the number of players the year that followed, although we had to go to the 2017 EURO LGBTQ Handball tournament in Budapest with only 6 players. Thankfully we got help from several Hungarian friends and we had a great time playing.

By the beginning of 2018 we had doubled the amount of team members in 18 months and at this time we were around 30 players in the team.

Paris hosted the GayGames summer of 2018, but unfortunately we did not send a full team (as the registration fee was very high).
That summer we also had new poeple joining the already existing leader team, and together with the rest of the players it was decided to register one male team to the lowest Munich league, Bezirksklasse, for the coming season 19/20. The last half year of 2018 and the first half year of 2019 we worked hard to be better prepared for the league and to get a normal sized hall, which we finally got in January 2019.

In July 2019 we went to the yearly LGBTQ Euro Handball tournament which this time was hosted by Berlin`s team SSL Vorspiel. With a 7th place out of 14 team this was our best tournament since 2004.

 Budapest 2017 Budapest 2017 Berlin 2019 Berlin 2019
 Present day 


Training 2019Training match 2019 Sauerlach Tournament 2019Sauerlach Tournament 2019


We have come a long way since the first years in 2004/2005 starting with 6 players. Now, in the summer of 2019 we have 39 boys and 11 girls registered and we are still growing!

We would also like to thank everyone who has been a part of Team München Handball at some point, and to all the people who have taken on the responsibility of trainers and organising tournaments and everything else. Without every single one of you, we wouldn`t be where we are today. Also a huge thanks to Team München e.V for all the valuable support. Thank you! 

The future of Team München Handball

We continue training as a mixed group:
- girls
- non-league boys
- league boys

For our girl`s team we hope to get more players in the future so we can hopefully be enough for a league team one day.

Our league boys entered Bezirksklasse in October 2019.

We are still growing as a group, so there are also possibilities to have two male league teams in the future. Only time will show. So stay tuned!